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Llagrima d’Or

Llagrima d’Or, the golden tear, is a Ventura family heirloom. It is the proud creation of the late Xavier Ventura, a friend dearly missed. Today, his brother Oscar Ventura is making sure his legend lives on and has taken over the production of Llagrima D'or. We are proud to as the only company in Sweden and Denmark offer Llagrima D'or to our customers

The Ventura family have been wine makers for five generations in the village of d’Anoia in Sant Sadurni. Xaviers grandfather fled to France during the Spanish civil war and found a job at the Möet & Chandon laboratory. He was committed to his work and became recognized for his talent. Once the war was over he returned to Sant Sadurni and started making cava based on what he had learned during his time in France. Generations have followed in his footsteps making high quality wines to carry on the Ventura family tradition.

The Ventura family own their own vineyards and presses using the highest quality grapes for their production. As on of around 10-15 cava producers they only use their own grapes and perform all the productions steps themselves. This to ensure the highest quality cava. The wines are made with as little sugar as possible and aged with patience to create the highest quality cava on the market. The Llagrima D'or is aged at least 30 months in the bottle to produce an excellent cava.