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Peret Fuster

The Ventura family is one of the many wine making families in Sant Sadurni D'anioa. The biggest name in the Ventura family is the one of Pere Ventura but Oscar Ventura is also making a name for himself with the Peret Fuster brand. The Ventura family have been wine makers for five generations and were among the first to make sparkling wine with the traditional (champagne) method in Spain.

Oscars grandfather fled to France during the Spanish civil war and found a job at the Möet & Chandon laboratory. He was committed to his work and became recognized for his talent. Once the war was over he returned to Sant Sadurni and started making cava based on what he had learned during his time in France. Generations have followed in his footsteps making high quality wines to carry on the Ventura family tradition.

The Ventura family own their own vineyards and presses using the highest quality grapes for their production and as one of few producers of cava they only use their own grapes and perform all steps of the productions process. The wines are made with as little sugar as possible and aged with patience to create the highest quality cava on the market.


Peret Fuster produces an excellent Peret Fuster Brut Nature as well as a lovely sparkling Rosado which some minimal dosage. In our assortment we do also from time to time offer their still wines, the white 100% chardonnay and the red blend of Cabernet Savigning and Merlot.