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The Winecurious is a boutique wine merchant focusing on bringing high quality wines to the Nordic markets. Our passion is to bring innovative and exciting wines that otherwise would not find themselves on the shelves of your local wine store.

The focus is on European wines and the producers are in many respects very different from each-other. However the one thing they do have in common is that they prioritize quality. How they go about achieving that level of quality differs but they all have a vision and an idea on how to make great wines. The producers are mainly family owned and we work closely with them to market their wines. This also means that we are usually able to offer a wide selection of their products so if you want something that is not in the web shop right now just e-mail us and we will do our best to make your wine-wishes happen.

The fact that we only work with producers we know and wines we love is our promise to our customers to offer only exceptional value for money. We do not represent hundreds of different producers but rather a few select ones that we trust and find exciting. We will be adding more producers and wines to the shop, so stay tuned for new exciting wines.