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Rimarts is one of the smaller cava houses in Sant Sadurni D'Anoia. They produce around 80 000 bottles a year, nothing less than Reserva (aged minimum 15 months) quality. Clearly they are focused on quality rather than quantity which makes them the type of producer we like to seek out.

Rimarts has taken its name from the founder, Ricard Martínez de Simón, using the two first letters of the two first names and the S from the last. Ricard was then one who decided to start producing high quality cavas using the handcrafted method in 1987.

The same philosophy is still present today when the sons of Ricard, Ernest (the winemaker) and Ricard (Marketing and sales) are running the business. It is a small family business, not more than four people running the entire operation.

Despite the small size of the operations they are still very much focused on the handcrafted model. Most things are done by hand to control the process and ensure high quality. It is true treat to watch the production process. Aging is usually done for longer than many other cava houses age their cavas, for example the Uvae is aged for more than 60 months.

While having the utmost respect for traditions and the craft of making cava the Rimarts brothers are still innovative. They have modern design of their bottles and they have also created some unique cavas. Just wait until you try the Rosae - it is like nothing you have ever tried.

They have received numerous awards for their cavas and we could not agree more that their cavas are clearly some of the top ones available on the market today.