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Vieira de Sousa

The Vieira de Sousa family have been producing Port wine for 5 generations now. They have previously mainly sold Port wine to other Port wine companies but now with the young and talented daughter of the family, Luisa Borges, in charge they have decided to sell their wines under their own faimly name again: Vieira de Sousa. Luísa have moved from Lisbon where she grew up to Douro. She has a background with studies in viticulture and enology (the ans she is now in charge of managing the fabulous family properties.

The company they formed for this enterprise was named after their favorite Quinta (vineyard) Roncão Pequeno. You can see the picture of it to the left here. The decision was however that it was better to sell the wines under the family name. The first vintage port was released in 2009 and the grapes for it came from the Roncão Pequeno vineyard. 

When restarting the sales under the family name Luisa have also decided to offer some lovely Douro table wines as well. These are sold under the brand Viera de Sousa and Espinhal. The Espinhal range is the entry level and the Vieira de Sousa range is a step up in complexity. Both sport some lovely wines.

The quailty of the Ports are amazing and the rave reviews since selling can is a testament to that. With multiple awards they have really burst on to the scene. The Vieira de Sousa Vintage 2009 was awarded gold in the International Wine Challange (IWC) 2012 and the Late Bottle Vintage 2009 received gold in the IWC 2013 as well as in Decanter. The 10 year old with port received the silver medal in the Decanter 2012 and the Dry White Port as well as the 10 year old Tawny Port both took home Bronze medal in the IWC 2012 and 2013 respectively. For our Swedish market is can also be noted that the BKWines awarded the 10 year white port wine of the month (

We are excited to be working with Vieira de Sousa and hope to show the Nordic market that port is not only something for Christmas and the winter.